Sports Activity

Join a Sports Team or play for fun

Volleyball is just one of the many sports activities you can get involved in when you come to RS-ITI College. You don’t have to be studying a sports-related course either!

We want you to have an excellent student experience whilst you are here at RS-ITI College. That doesn’t mean just a good learning experience but also offering you the opportunity to take part in a variety of activities and experience lots of new things.

As part of college life there are a variety of activities available to our students AT NO COST, these include: Football, Rugby, Tennis, Volleyball, Basketball, Rock Climbing and Street Dance as well as many others. Whether you want to be part of a team or just play for fun you will find an activity that suits you.

As well as weekly activities there are one off events that happen throughout the year including trips to places like  go-karting, paintballing, ice skating. You will also have the opportunity to take part in a variety of charity fundraising activities, such as Red Nose Day that happen around the college throughout the year.

If sport is your thing, then you can either play for fun or join one of our teams.  Currently teams include: men’s and women’s football, men’s and women’s hockey, men’s rugby and women’s volleyball.  The college has a wide range of facilities at the RS-ITI campus with a professional Sports Centre that includes a gym, a climbing wall, and indoor and outdoor courts and pitches.

At the start of each year there is a Fresher’s Fair where you can find out about all the activities and sports on offer and decide which ones are for you.


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