Extra Curricular Activities

A college education involves learning about a wide range of subjects. Not all of your learning will be done in labs and lectures. Participating in extra curricular activites in college will make your college experience that much more fulfilling.

Extracurricular activities abound at Florida Tech, whether in clubs, sports or the community. Getting involved in other activities on campus provides opportunities to learn things you won’t study in a classroom.

Outdoor Fun

Extracurricular Activities for CollegeBring your bathing suits, volleyball and tennis racquet! Florida Tech offers two outdoor swimming pools. Lighted tennis courts and a sand volleyball court are available day or night.

Varsity Sports

Extracurricular Activities for CollegeThe Florida tech Panthers compete in 21 varsity sports as NCAA Division II teams and participate in the highly competitive Sunshine State Conference. Our teams are consistently top-ranked and provide exciting intercollegiate sports events for the community.

Intramural Sports

Extracurricular Activities for CollegeParticipate in sports designed simply for the fun of it. Choose from over 20 intramural sports. And if you are looking for something special not offered on campus, you will probably find it somewhere in Brevard County!

Whether clubs, sports or events, on campus or off, be sure to include extra curricular activities in your college plans.

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